Monday, April 17, 2017

Sunshine on the Porch!

Julie: As you can see, I got on the porch!
It was sunny and warm.
Oh it felt so good too.

I got to check out all the smells by the door.

I also checked the smells by the couch. 
Mum did a lot of cleaning on the porch.
She also washed all of our blankets and mats she puts on the couch.

Oh yes, I am a very happy kitty.
I look forward to Summer a lot!

My big brother JJ was on the porch with me.

He was looking for the best place for a nap.

He also had to take  moment to check things out by the door.

He finally decided this was the best spot for a nap.
I don't blame him. He is sitting on a fuzzy yellow blanket.

Yes friends, I see many,many more days on the porch ahead!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Finally, A Sunny,Pleasant Weekend

Julie: Here I am sitting in the living room window.
As you can see it is sunny outside.
It was also warmer than it has been.

Naturally I had to go out on the porch.
Oh boy,does this feel good!

Spring is finally feeling great!


Ooooooooo! What was that!
Critter TV is on. Mostly birds though.

Why yes mum, I AM having a great time on the porch!
Spring and Summer and Fall. I am so going to 
enjoy these seasons!

Monday, April 03, 2017

Midnight Monday with Julie

Julie: So, there I was, laying on the floor.
Mum comes along and asks why I am licking the fur off my belly.

Well gee mum, I don't know.
Just because I guess.
I am due for nt semi-annual check up, so I bet mum
will be asking the Vet about  a few missing furs.

I really wish I could be on the porch right now,
but mum is at work.

Guess the best thing to do is have a snooze.
Have a good week friends.

Monday, March 27, 2017

I Finally Got Porch Time !

Julie: Oh boy! Sunday was sunny and warmer than it has
been. It was still cool outside, but my porch is enclosed so 
I do not bet the cold breezes.

I have to check everything out.

Not bad, though I will check out another box.

Ahhhhhhh! This one is good for rubbing my cheeks on.

After checking things out, I need a good nap.

If you would like, I will gladly accept belly rubs!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Window Gazing and Welcome Spring!

Julie: Hi mum, Where are you going?
To the kitchen Julie.
Oh boy! I'm coming too!

I love to sit in the kitchen window.
It is nice in the early morning too.
I especially like that I left some crunchies from earlier.
Mum puts them here when I don't finish eating them at breakfast.

I like to look out of the window too.

This was the view I saw.
See that broken tree?

Last Tuesday night we had a big storm.
It started as snow then changed to rain
 and the winds were super strong.
The wind caused the  tree to break.
Mum thinks a lot of the trees were stressed as 
we had a very dry Summer.
That makes 3 big limbs from trees that have broken during
storms this Winter!
That may not be a good thing when Summer storms come along.

This Monday we welcome Spring !
WooHoo! We purr the temps get warmer soon.